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The amounts which are given here are only for orientation because the right amount depends on many things including company's pay scales, location of rig (domestic or international), experience and others. But in every case you will make tremendous amounts of money, and don't forget that all annual income no matter how much it is, you will make for only six months of working.
Entry level positions in catering can make from $700-1,000 per week. Roustabout (helper on a drill deck) earns from $300 per day. Roughneck (promotion from roustabout) can earn from $300 to $350 daily. Drillers make from $400 a day.
As you climb the career ladder your salary will grow. Some engineering and managing positions are paid to $1,000 per day. You commonly work 7 days in 12 hours shifts which include meal and tea breaks.
No matter how much you will earn the great thing is that you can save almost all money you make. All expenses are paid by company - food, cloth, accommodation, laundry and air fare. You must pay only for cigarettes (if you smoke) and for some personal needs. 


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