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How to find a job on oil rig?
It's probably the main question of every job seeker wanting to work offshore. And it is the question which nobody can answer absolutely correct.
If you want to use internet for job seeking here are some directions for your search:
1. You can search through general job directories as MonsterHotJobs  etc. You can find hundreds of such sites all over the internet and you probably know several of them.
2. You can use sites specialized for offshore rig jobs which match job seekers with employers. On these sites you can post you resume online. It is added to their database of candidates and becomes available to employers for reviewing. Some of these sites are given in our section Resume Posting.
3.You can post your resume directly to employers. But be careful if you are using this tactics because some employers don't want to receive unsolicited postings. Go to section  Employers  for links of drilling and general oil companies.
4.You can engage some of recruitment agencies. Many of them work online and you can post your resume to them over internet. In our section  Agencies  you can find links to several recruitment agencies.


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